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Hello, I’m Ting Zhou. I always see myself as a storyteller using design, art, and music to explore the relationship between culture, human nature, and the environment. That’s what my artistic name “客舟”("traveller’s boat") represents.  It comes from a Chinese poem / I listened again, In a traveller's boat, to the rain / which depicted different periods in life. I imagine my artwork as a vessel for passing people through a journey, and it records the joys and sorrows.


I’m passionate about concept art, video games, 3D sculpting, and great experiential design. My interest in the practical applications of physics, technology and creative expression led to a degree in Vehicle Engineering and then, Product Design.  I love how video game development exists at the intersection of design, art and engineering, and I am fortunate to work as a UI/UX designer at Microsoft Turn 10 Studios expanding my knowledge in this area. My goal is to create designs that combine technology, history, culture, and fun. I use my skills in conceptual visualization, 2D and 3D ideation, rendering and hand-on making to finesse the details and craft evocative stories and solutions. I believe the ideal expression sparks an emotional connection, allows for creativity and contributes to a sustainable future.

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