This is a 14-week package design project to design a hypothetical product line packaging.

Capori is a violin kit designed for young beginners. Not an actual product of Cecilio used for experimentation of commentary only.

Overview/ Capori collects violin accessories together for beginners to start the classical music journey, and the precious gift from family or friends can be a precious memory as time goes by.

Why/ Nowadays, violin accessories are all individual products, which makes it really hard to manage and organize for beginners. Those beginners are always young kids age 5-9.

Challenge/ Deciding the forms of the overall package and the items inside. Items sold in the market separately are not in a unified form, and the metronome takes a lot of space and weight.

Solution/ Simplify the metronome as the hero product, which can give rooms to other items. The package follows the shape of a metronome, and the falling down form makes it more interesting.

Metronome form / item layout development

Prototype /

Rigid carton folding method

From the prototype, a lighter weight wood is needed, and the dividing lines ratios need more consideration.

As a result, I used walnut wood and revised all the line lengths.

Graphics / 

Logo exploration

Design / Features


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